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Loft Music artist features on new Playstation 3 title: ‘Move Fitness’

Jiro Vega creates the soundtrack to a new fitness game from Sony on the PS3: ‘Move Fitness’

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Loft Music Soundtrack for Sony’s Gran Turismo 5

Loft Music is chosen to soundtrack worldwide game and advertisement for Sony’s ‘the most anticipated video game of the year’: Gran Turismo 5.

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Tricia Lee KelshallTricia Lee has performed as a solo artist for worldwide names such as HRH Prince Charles, Donald Trump... Featured Artist
Trafik“Think 2Many DJs mixed with Richie Hawtin mixed with Alex from The Orb” - Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1) Featured Artist
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We can supply the music as existing tracks or edit/adapt tracks exactly to fit your music project.

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